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Africa Media Productions' Community Resource Links is a directory of African Information resources on the Web.
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Africa Media Productions
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Africa Media Productions (AMP)
Award Winning Television Programs

Billboard Advertising with AMP

Why advertise with us?

  • According to the latest US Census, there are more than 7.5 million Continental Africans living in the United States. Over 3 billion dollars are spent annually by this group. Of this amount, 30% of a Continental African's earnings are devoted to supporting their extended native African families in the form of either direct wire transfer of cash or shipment of commodities.

  • The average household income in NYC metropolitan area for African Immigrants is 38,000.00 dollars.

Africa Media Productions is the leading source of information and media outlet for the African Continental Community in New York City. As such, AMP travels across the City documenting events and happenings of importance to the African immigrant community. Africa Media Production produces numerous award-winning television programs and these programs are now household names and well recognized among African immigrants in New York City. Our AMP Van represents our television schedule and offers advertising placement for companies seeking to reach this growing and diverse community.

The AMP Van travels through the city from television shoot to African event. AMP understands the importance of the AMP Van promoting AMP television programs and production services. In just the past two months, AMP's customer calls have increased by 50% due to the AMP Van advertising. We believe this medium will have a direct impact in many company's ability to target the African Continental community.

Following is information on how you can advertise your business on our Mobile Billboard Transportation Van.

Africa Media Productions Inc. parks its van at all major African events including those of the Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Moroccan, Congolese, South African, and Cameroonian Associations throughout the New York City Metropolitan region.

The AMP Mobile Transportation Van attends an average of two events per week. Average attendance at an event is 200 people.

Event Profiles

  • Attendance 100-300 people
  • Types of events: Grand Openings for businesses; Birthday celebrations of community leaders; African country-association events; music/entertainment including African musicians who are on tour (i.e., music venues and music clubs); Diplomatic events including embassy Independence Day Celebrations; Annual Country Parades.

If you have any questions, please call Mr. Ambrose Ngande at 718-402-1615.

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