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Africa Media Productions
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Africa Media Productions, Inc.

199 Lincoln Avenue
Bronx, NY 10454
Africa Media Productions (AMP)
Award Winning Television Programs

About Africa Media Productions

Our Mission is to provide a dedicated Radio and Television platform for 2.7 million Continental Africans in our broadcast area to help them participate and discuss the issues facing the African Continent and the progress made by the Africans in the diaspora. To create an advertising medium for American Businesses to reach this new and growing market.

Africa Media Goals:
To reach the Tri-State Continental African audience through promoting events of cultural and topical interest including television and radio programs addressing African Culture, tourism to Africa, the African Health initiative and to bring awareness to the problems facing the African continent in this new millenium.

To educate the American people and business community within our viewing and listening area about the diversity of the African Culture which represents 53 countries. To provide understanding about the extraordinary impact which the responsibilities of the extended Continental African family feels towards the African Continent.

To provide through television and radio media an education for new contiental Africans to assist them in adjusting to life in the USA including topical shows on immigration, housing, social services, education and the religion.

What the Critics Say about us:

"Africa Leadership Council Television Program is the only station chosen by the Department of Commerce/Census Bureau to carry the Census 2000 advertisement to the Continental African in North America."
Ms. Barbara Johnson Chisholm, Mingo Group

The Africa Leadership Council is the Numero Uno Television programs which address the issues in the African Immigrants Community in New York Metro Area." Gary Alexbank, Bronxtalk AM TV

Company achievements:

  1. 2000 Emigrant Savings Bank Achievement Award
  2. 2001 Hometown Video Festival Award in Washington DC
  3. 2002 Bronx Excellence in Television Access Award
  4. 2003 Bethex Federal Credit Union, Entrepreneur of the Year 2003

Press Coverage:

  1. US Open USTA Tennis 2003
  2. Africa Mondo Music Festival Mars 2003
  3. French Open Tennis 2004
  4. Montereal, Canada: African Music Festival Nuit d' Afrique, July 2002
  5. Paris, France: Interviewed Black & White African Immigrants Association Groups on immigration issues and race relations. Discuss the African immigrant experiences at Radio France International studio (RFI).

Africa Media Productions is affiliated with the following cable stations:

Cablevision | Time Warner | Bronxnet | Bcat | MNN | QPTV | CTV

Africa Media Productions is a member of the following professional associations

  • Alliance of Community Media
  • Association of Independent Video and Film Maker
  • Art and Video Productions, Inc.

TV Programs produced include: Africa Leadership Council, Africa Leadership Council in French, Community Voice, Africa Entertainment and Religion Culture in Africa.

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